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LALLAFOM® (USA) GLOBAL combines over 30 years of the spray polyurethane foam industry experience and scientific accomplishments with the accelerating technology in our pursuit of the innovative spray foam and polyurea solutions designed to meet the complexity of challenges and the global market expectations: consumer demand for the best thermal, acoustic, water, chemical, biological, atmospheric and other types of insulation, assured healthy life-styles, ecological balance with the surrounding nature, real and substantial energy savings, minimized reliance on our natural resources and the overall (personal and political) energy independence. Our focus remains in the area of polyurethane insulation research and development.

We provide high recyclable content which includes the resin from sugarcane and corn. We use only water and the latest and most environmentally friendly blowing agents. Our chemistry makes a difference. Our systems ensure a zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels. Our insulation products are designed to be superior in their quality while ensuring clean air and safety of the home and the environment.

LALLAFOM®’s products are made in the USA and have been recognized for their energy efficiency and high renewable content. Our manufacturing process has eliminated harmful substances while allowing us to offer long-lasting quality products that provide value over time.

Our company specializes in a wide range of spray-applied insulation including thermal, waterproofing, acoustic, air-seal, chemical and biological for all types of construction as well as other specialty application.More

LALLAFOM® insulation is the best choice for residential, commercial, agricultural, public and industrial construction.More

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Semi-Rigid Foam

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Rigid Foam

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